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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Char Siew Pau (Steam Roast Pork Bun)

Made these Pau's when I just started making miniature food. I didn't have these bamboo steamer than. Just received them and thought it will be nice to put them in it.


  1. Hi jenny,I love your minifood! miniregards from Spain.

  2. Wow your bamboo steamers are so beautiful! I've been trying to replicate everything I owned when I was in college for this room box I'm making of my college years! I'd love to know how and what they are made of, so I could make one for my room! I would make shrimp dumplings all the time! Thanks again for sharing!

    Mini Hugs

  3. Thank you.

    Will actually bought the bamboo steamer from a craft shop. I didn't made it.
    I haven't got time to try that.

    Wil share if i do try.

    Cheers !!